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Joyce Good Henderson

EssayLady Founder: Heather Tomasello

Essay Editor/Writing Coach

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     I graduated cum laude with two degrees from the University of Florida, including a B.A. in English. I then worked as an academic advisor in the undergraduate Honors College at UF. I know what admissions officers want from application essays, because I’ve been one! As an advisor, I read over a thousand essays from students seeking admission to the ultra-competitive Honors Program.

  • Education: B.A. English cum laude, B.S. Political Science cum laude
  • Honors: Top Counselor
  • Recommended by the Right Fit Program and MPowering Kids
  • Former Honors College Academic Advisor/Admissions Officer
  • Phi Beta Kappa
  • Author, 3 Books
  • Coca Cola Scholar

     As an undergrad, I gained admission to Ivy League schools and funded my entire college education with merit scholarships.
     After leaving college admissions, I began The EssayLady and worked as a professional editor and writing coach. Over the years, I’ve shown hundreds of students how to write college application essays that stand out from the crowd. I’ve helped students gain acceptance to: Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Cornell, The University of Pennsylvania, Wellesley College, Boston College, Johns Hopkins University, Yale, Notre Dame, Duke, Cal Tech, The Ohio State University, Georgia Tech, The University of Miami, The University of Florida, George Washington University, and dozens of other top-ranked public and private universities.

    I am a writing coach, editor and author working with writers to define their writing goals, polish their work, manage time and projects, market, write, edit and publish their manuscripts. I also assist job seekers with refining their résumés and cover letters. I look forward to working with you to make your own writing clear, concise, and compelling. I will share the invaluable perspective of a writing coach and professional editor. My services range from a one-time Basic edit for grammar, punctuation, and other typing errors, to helping you generate ideas and take your concept to a completed work.
     As an experienced freelance writer, I have published more than 100 articles in magazines and professional journals, and more than 400 articles and blog posts on-line. My book publications include nine nonfiction books and six novels published as paperbacks and e-books.  My publishing company Celtic Loom Books and its imprint Faith’s Loom Books takes on new writers and produces their books.
     I have a Bachelor’s degree in History, and had a career as a Registered Nurse with specialty training (U.S. Army Nurse Corps) as an Operating Room Nurse, and recently as a Faith Community Nurse.