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Resume Review/Edit 1-2 pages                     $60

     each additional page                                 $10

     Essay Lady clients                                    $50

Cover Letter                                                   $30

      Essay Lady Clients                                   $25

Reasonable rates with discount for students (and parents) who have used our Essay Review Services.

Resume and Cover Letter Review

       You have two minutes for someone to read a cover letter and one minute to look at your résumé, unless you give the person a reason to take more time on it by making the content intriguing, exciting and relevant to their needs. One page is superior unless your experience is so extensive and complex that you need more than that.
     The objective of a résumé is to secure a job interview.  Your résumé gives a prospective employer a first impression, good or bad, of who you are.  Think of it as your personal ad.  On one page, you must list your skills, education, previous employment experience, awards and honors in a succinct and appealing manner to entice someone to want to meet you. A résumé alone is not designed to get the job, however, one that is poorly-written or inadequate may certainly cost you the job. 
     So, how do you write a résumé that produces a call, rather than ending up in shredding pile? Let the Essay Lady help you!

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