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Email Address

[Objective]  (Optional and usually best left off the resume, but part of the Cover Letter)

Employment Experience   (Reverse chronological order with most recent first)

Date                                 Name of Employer, City, State

Title of Position: description of job responsibilities

Next jobs, (go back 10-15 years)

Education    (Most recent first)

Name of School, City, State                             Degree Granted                                        Date

Same for Current Schooling with date of anticipated graduation

Include High School, Courses related to employment

Certifications/Licenses (Be sure to include date granted or date it expires)

Awards (Title of Award, Grantee, Date Awarded)

Community Service or Volunteer Work (Brief description including Community organization, activity and date)

​Competencies: (Do not include MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Internet and Social Media—Those are so common they are expected. Include specialty programs, tools, skills) Also should be included in Cover Letter.

Do not include mention of References. Supply those at the job interview.

What Goes Where in Your Resume

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