Writing college admissions essays isn’t a technical job that you can do by setting your grammar and spellings right. An ideal essay is one that delves on a theme and makes an interesting read at the end. Make sure that the reader doesn’t need scrolling up and down to connect different thoughts or to remind what was described in the above mentioned lines or paragraphs.

Take college application essay tips from an editor and get selection in the college of your choice. The way you write, describe thoughts and communicate with the admission officer plays a crucial role in the admission process.

Tips for Writing a Strong College Admissions Essay

There are distinct differences between excellent college admissions essays and mediocre college admissions essays. As an honors advisor, I read through thousands of essays and very few stood out. You want to capture an admission offer’s attention early and then lead them through a great essay to rise above the other submissions. Let’s explore 5…

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Writing About Your Experience

Many times students ask me, “What should I write about?” I always reply, “I don’t know, but make it good!” It doesn’t need to be earth-shattering. We haven’t all pulled babies from burning buildings or sailed around the world in a catamaran. That’s okay. Tell a story from your own life that shows something unique…

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3 Themes to Avoid on College Admissions Essays

As a college academic advisor, I dreaded reading about 75% of the admission essays that came across my desk. Okay, make that 80%. Why? Most were bland, indistinct, even downright awful. Generally the bad essays fell into a few broad categories for theme/tone. Lucky you, I am going to share those now in the hopes…

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How to Write Great Opening Lines for an Admissions Essay

Want to grab an admission officer’s attention? Want to immediately endear yourself to that scholarship committee? Want to stand out from the pile? Write an intriguing first line. Dive right in to the heart of your story. So many students I work with wait until the middle of their essay to get to the heart…

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Extreme Makeover: College Admissions Essay Edition

I love those Home makeover shows, with their dramatic “Before” and “After” shots of rooms. I enjoy my version of “the reveal” with students I assist, although we generally have 3 or 4 “Reveals” before the essay is ready for its “After” shot. Here are some essay writing tips taken straight from a designer’s bag…

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College Admission Essays for Athletes

It struck me tonight- watching my young son playing basketball- how much we human beings love to cheer. We enjoy watching two teams battle over a ball, racing back and forth across a court, or field, or rink, or whatever, scrapping to score and win. And when we are personally involved- when it is our…

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Picking an Essay Editor

I always advise students to invite someone to read their essays before submitting them to a college. As a professional writer, I belong to several critique groups and would never dream of submitting work to an editor without having a fresh set of eyes review it first. In the case of college application essays, WHO…

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4 Creative Ways to Defeat Writer’s Block

So, you’ve been staring at that same essay prompt for an hour. You’re drawing a blank. You don’t know which one figure from history you’d invite to dinner for scintillating conversation. You can’t think of a single turning point in your life, or what page 217 of your autobiography would say. ACK!!! You’re blocked. You’ll…

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Creating an Outline for Your College Admissions Essay

One of the most difficult parts of the college admissions essay writing process is getting started! Before you start writing that first draft, take some time to jot down an outline for the essay. Really mull over the question(s) or prompt. Consider the school. Every university has a different history, different strengths, different faculty, different…

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